Naarga Rezaar

handsome young man, rough around the edges, short black hair, goatee.


S 14 D 18 C 16 I 17 W 13 Ch 17

HP 55

AC 18 touch 14 FF 14

Saves 7/5/2

Weapon: mw rapier +9, MW dagger +6/+8, Longbow +7

Can dual wield

Class: Psychic Warrior

PSP: 11

7 o lvl powers/day o Lvl: burst, catfall, elfsight 1 lvl: feel light, hustle, lesser metaphysical weapon 2 lvl: levitate, body equillibrium

0&1st level powers cost 1 psp. 2nd lvl powers cost 3 psp


Naarga was born a slave in Bet Dodera, and he escaped after his parents were killed for being disloyal to their masters. He has devoted his life to freedom and also to the way of the mind. He is a member of the Disciples of Avrynner and also the brotherhood of the broken chain, but neither group approves of his methods. He used to work out of Bet Kalamar, fighting against the Order of the Blue Salamandar, until he got sloppy and killed a few slavemasters and had to flee to Zoa. He is currently working to try to keep Blue Salamandar influence out of Zoa.

Naarga Rezaar

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